Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Confessions: Satisfied

This week I am once again linking up with More than Cheese and Beer for Sunday Confessions.  This week the prompt is Satisfied.

     I don't know if I will ever be fully satisfied with myself or with my life.  I don't see this as a bad thing though.  To be satisfied, completely satisfied would mean I've reached max potential... I've done it all, seen it all... what kind of life would I have after that.   The lack of full satisfaction is my motivator.  I am always evolving and growing, searching for satisfaction, with myself and with my life.

     To say that I am not fully satisfied with myself or my life does not mean that I am unhappy.  I am happy, I am content... I am just not satisfied.  I know that I can achieve more. I know that I can be better, that I can grow more.  Improvement, growth, change... these are the things I should be embracing at this stage in my life. 
Satisfaction, I believe is only meant to be found at the end of your journey, not the middle.


  1. It is always good to be open to change and growth...if we're not changing and adapting we're dying.

    Glad you linked up today, like the different perspective. ❤

  2. I agree I think taking that journey to find that satisfaction is worth the trip. Gresr blog. ��

    1. *great* blog not what autocorrect owned me on. ��

  3. Wonderful! And you make an awesome point about satisfied vs. content.