Sunday, February 22, 2015

A personal look at being Open... Another Sunday Confession

Another Sunday is upon us and once again I am linking up with More than Cheese and Beer for Sunday Confession.  This week the prompt: Open... 

Opening up is not always that easy.  Opening up is not always the better option.  There are times when keeping things tucked deep down inside is really the only way.

I would like to open up more, to share more of my thoughts, my feeling and my opinions...
But doing so exposes me in a way I have not found a way to be completely comfortable with yet.

Opening up exposes flaws, weaknesses, faults, secrets... cracks in an armor thought to be strong and secure.

When emotions and feelings are more enemy than friend, opening up about the battles that rage in the nooks and crannies of ones soul is not that easy.

Although I crave to share what goes on in my heart, my head, my soul... to let those around me see all of me and not just the parts I am okay exposing... I know that more times than not it is better to keep most of what I feel, what I think, what I want tucked away

There may come a day when I find the confidence to share in a truly open way.  To not fear exposure and the rawness that will come with it, until then though, the most personal of my feelings, thoughts, desires and secrets will be safe in the Pandora's box deep in my heart.


  1. Hopefully one day you'll get there, until then just work on becoming comfortable in your skin.

    Great piece and interpretation of the prompt 'open'. ❤

  2. You just haven't discovered a way in which you can open up comfortably. For me, it's when I write. Others need a certain place or item to hold before they feel able to share those most private treasures locked within. Keep working on it if that's what makes you happy, but if you're happy staying closed, than so be it, because in the end, it's all about living a life with happiness in your heart.