Monday, June 30, 2014

Naked and Exposed

     I've made this decision to recommit myself to becoming an accomplished Blogger.  I've let go (I am letting go) of the idea that I am not going to be one of the funny "mommy" blogger's.  It is not that I am not a funny person - because I am a freaking riot - but it's not my life and it's not my writing style and it's not what's in my heart.

     I have to stop trying to make myself something I am not, and embrace what I am.  I am a writer of life and opinion and self.  Of course I want to make people laugh and draw an audience with humor, but as is apparent from the lack of posts on my blog, I have not been successful with the humor thing so far.

     My reality, my "real life" is messy and complicated and some times down right ugly.  I am extremely opinionated ~ almost to a point where I think I might actually be judgement rather than just opinionated (but that is for another post).  I scream, I yell, I swear and break down and I cry... and find little humor in all of this some times.  I do however always feel inspired to share the mess that is my life, so I need to share in the truest form and not in some forced form of humor.

      Letting go of the perception that I could write my ugly, complicated, drama riddled life in a comedic way is leaving me feeling very exposed and variable.  Showing people the layers of my life in a raw and honest way is frighting.  To take the fluffy humor out of my writing and leave the realness of reality leaves me exposed to the world ~ Naked and Exposed.  I am not comfortable naked, I have way to many flaws to feel comfortable.  I can not let this hold me back though.  I can not be the only person in this great big world living a ugly, complicated, drama riddled life.

      My heart demands that I share, that I write ~ Naked and Exposed if I must, with all my flaws and faults glaring for the world to see.  I need to believe, my soul demands that I see that what I write might actually be important to someone, it might inspire someone, it might even save someone.
      I have a skill, a talent, that can move people, that can educate people that can bring joy, tears, memories and emotions.

     My words, in whatever format I chose to share them can and will bring something to this world, some how.  As variable as I feel, I know this is the right direction to be moving in.  It is time to tear down my walls and give what I have to give, to feed my dream and write toward my future.


  1. I was just conversing with someone about "humorous" writing. And I'm happy to read that you know what YOUR style is. Be. who. you. are. It seems that you are self assured enough to do that, too! Lol! When humor isn't forced and you write from your heart, that, to me, is the BEST writing. And if I don't crack a smile during the read, that just means I'm crying or thinking. Writing is powerful that way!

  2. .....And this is why a lot of us create we can choose parts of ourselves to carry whatever we are trying to share/expose/illuminate/thrash/invent/ etc...or we can become someone else. Just write. The rest usually sorts itself out.