Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I am who I am

I am who I am.  I believe what I believe.  My convictions are my own.  I am a person who has opinions and a voice should I chose to share my thoughts.  I fight for what I feel is right, based on my own beliefs and convictions, not what someone else tells me is right or worthy to fight for.

I am an independent thinker with the ability to educate myself on matters I find important and I have the ability to make up my own mind.  Agreeably I am very liberal in my beliefs and convictions.  I believe in equal rights, the right to chose, equal pay, education and even evolution and global warming.  But I am also conservative in some areas... I believe in less government, freedom to bear arms, allowing faith in schools and yes, I do believe in God.

I am of the conviction that I can believe in what I want and how I want.  You might call me a hodgepodge of beliefs.  I come from the school of open mindedness.  I was raised in an environment of open mindedness and because of that I was able to develop my own thought process on matters like religion, government and life in general.

I respect everyone, and the idea that we all have different opinions.  Your choice in God, political party, and view points on hot topics like abortion, equal rights, gay marriage or world events will not determine whether or not I will have a friendship with you.  As long as equal respect is given, I judge no one based on their personal beliefs and opinions. 

My opinions are my own, I have formed them based on what I know and how I feel.  I will hare my opinions and engage in healthy, friendly debate.  I welcome debate as long as it remains a debate focused on fact and respect.  Debate is good, it fuels conversation and inspires people to get educated and informed about the things they feel passionate about.

I am who I am.  I believe what I believe.  I share what I share.  I grow as I grow.  Let us all remember that we are who we are and believe what we believe and it is okay to be different, okay to be opinionated and passionate about our convictions.  Stay true to who you are and what you believe, with respect for all.

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  1. You remind me so much of myself in this piece! I am VERY open-minded and I believe that people have the right to live their own lives. Believe in what they believe in. Think the way they think. I may not agree but that's not my duty. That, to me, is the beauty of individualism. I don't expect people to believe as I do. Sometimes it baffles me (Lol) but I try not to judge. Continue to be who you are.

    I like who you are! =)