Friday, April 17, 2015

Let's just call this what it is... a baby step

I have not written in months... 
Not from a lack of trying... 
Because I have started over a dozen pieces... 
And they are all still just sitting there, half written carcasses of emotions and thoughts.
I can blame life for the lack of time to write, it is my normal excuse. 
I would not be putting blame in the right place though.  
I am writing, I am just not completing... 
For all kinds of reasons really...
My fear
My anxiety
My unwillingness to feel exposed and vulnerable.  
I need to get over it... 
I need to stop holding myself back as a writer.
I need to fight through my fear and self-doubt and let the world see what I am actually capable of.
I need to get over myself and allow my words to speak for themselves
I need to let go of the judgment and criticism I have created in my head and let my audience form their own opinions.

I always seem to find motivation when I ramp myself up... so I will let this be what it needs to be, a baby step in the process.

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