Saturday, November 8, 2014

30 Days of Thankful - Day Four

There will come a day when I am totally current on this... my goal is by the end of the weekend... wish me luck!!

November 4 2014 : Day 4
Today I am thankful for sleepovers!!  Let me explain…
When we moved from Colorado to Texas we left behind all of the friends the kids had ever known.  Since our move to Texas we have moved several times – each time the kids have had to change schools.  This has not helped the kids develop close friendships.  This is a heartbreaking fact for me.  I moved a lot as a kid and I know how hard it is to go through childhood without close friends.

We've been in our current house for a year and a half and the kids have made some really good friends.  They are attending birthday parties and going to friend’s house after school.  They are going to the park with friends and sharing moments.  They are finally getting a change to build new friendships.

So… The other day T-Dog (my darling 9 year old daughter) came home and said her friend wanted her to have a sleepover… although not her first sleepover, it was the first non-birthday related sleep over invite.  This was a big deal in her world and I am so thankful for it.

For T-Dog to finally be making close friendships and for those friend to want her to come hangout at their house… it’s special.

Sleepovers are bonding moments for girls.  A time to share secrets and play make believe and create those memories that last forever.

T-Dog has been so excited since I said she could go… her sleepover is not even until Friday night and yet she has already packed her bag and gotten all prepared to go.  A sleepover has ignited a spark in my already sparkling child… she is shining brighter than ever and for this I find it hard not to be thankful for sleepovers!!

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