Monday, November 3, 2014

30 Days of Thankful... Today is Day One!

I know it is November 3rd and I am just now posting Day One... I am not perfect... I get delayed... it will all work out in the end, promise!!


One of the many things I have learnt over the years is that taking some time to reflect and refocus is not only good for one’s soul, it is good for one’s heart and head as well.

A few years ago I began joining in on the 30 days of thankful I saw happening on Facebook.  It was a good way to share parts of me.  I also found it to be a helpful and rewarding way to gain new focus on what was and is truly important to me.

This year I have decided to bring 30 Days of Thankful to the Blog as a writing series.  This will allow me to expand my thoughts on the things I am thankful for and work on my writing all at the same time!!

So… without further ado…

November 1st, 2014… Day One

Today I am simply thankful to be alive.

No, there have not been any life threatening scares to bring on this thankfulness… just the need to express that I am thankful to be here.

Life can become so overwhelming, so full of the everyday and tunnel vision can set in.  I start focusing on just getting to the next day, just wadding through the mess.  I forget how special life is, how fortunate I am to be alive… dealing with the chaos and insanity of it all.  Life is fleeting… We never know if today is going to be the last day here.  It is easy to look past the frailness of it all when we are just trying to survive.

For me, I need to step back and celebrate each day, embrace my life, with all of its flaws and sharp corners and hold close the thankfulness I feel… to simply be alive!

I would love to hear your 30 Days of thankful, leave a comment, or a link in the comments to where we can find your 30 Days of Thankful!

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