Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shhh... I am Hiding

I am hiding from the world right now.  I know, how dare I shut my bedroom door and pretend that I am alone in the world.  In fairness The Hubby is actually hiding with me, but he is asleep so I am not sure how much he actually counts.
It is the second to last day of Winter break and I have had enough of kids and fighting and people to last me until at least Spring Break at this point.

Hiding from the world from time to time is not a bad thing... not to me... it is more of a necessary thing.  I have to do what I can to protect what little sanity I have left. 
It's nothing personal, I still love my kids and my family... I just need to hide, to not be a part of things, to just for a time be in my own space with nothing to do, no one to answer to, no part of the noise that is my house.  It might be unfair of me to hide like this, it might seem as I don't care or don't want to be a part of things.  None of that is true of course.  I think I earn the right to hide from time to time.

Everyone has the right to hide from time to time.  If we cannot turn off, if we cannot step back and just breathe for a time... how does anyone expect for anyone to stay sane.

I am only going to hide for a few more minutes... I never hide for long... just long enough to take a few breaths, find some balance and prepare for whatever the rest of the day will bring me.

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