Friday, January 2, 2015

Today is a Special Day

Happy Birthday to The Boy
Today is a special day...

Today my baby boy becomes a teenager.

I knew  this day would come, and yet I feel so ill prepared for it.

My Boy, The Boy is a great boy, sweet and kind.  He is loving and tender and full of humor and joy. My life is better because he is in it, my life is fuller because he is in it, and my life is complete because he is in it.
We go forward today, at the start of a new year, taking on this new challenge as parent and teenager. 
I don't know how this journey will go, if it will be swift and kind or long and testing.  I just know that I look forward to the journey, with this boy, who is no longer a child, yet not quit a man. 
I have no idea how to be the mother to a teenage boy, but I had no idea how to be a mother to a boy at all when he arrived 13 years ago, and we have made it this far with no scares, no bruises, only smiles and love.  We will make our way on this path as we always do, together, as best we can, learning and growing. 
Each of my children bring me something different, The Boy, he brings me light and balance.  He reminds me that life is not all pink and fluffy, that girls are not the rulers of the roost alone.  He is the son my husband deserves and the little boy I will love and treasure for all the days of my life.

Today is a special day...

Today my son takes another step toward manhood.

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