Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Turn that Frown Upside Down!!

I was in a real sour mood all day yesterday, nothing was going the way that I wanted it to go. I was feeling as though I might suffocate from all the negativity that was around me. 
So instead of focusing on all the negative I seemed to be swimming in, I chose to focus on finding some positive!
Sometimes finding positive can be really hard when even the air you breathe seems to be full of negative. 
Searching for positive can be like walking against the current of a fast moving river. 
It takes work to find the positive that will change the energy around you.  
Well yesterday when I was trying to find positive things to focus on the song “My Favorite Things” from the Sound Of Music kept popping into my head.  It was as though the universe was pointing in me the direction that I should be heading, to find the positive I needed.
I think sometimes we (or maybe just me) forget about the little things that make us smile or warms our heart. Our favorite little things that can make a frown turn upside down by their mere existence. 
Favorite things are all those positive little things that keep the joy in our hearts, even on sour days when negative seems to be everywhere… if we just remember to look for them.  I decided to take a minute and make a list, a reminder list of some of my favorite things, as a way to drowned myself in positive… and it worked, I was in such a better mood after I wrote this list!!  So I am going to share my list… to spread the happy positive thoughts I created!!

Here are some of My Favorite Things
·         The smell of fresh cut flowers or fresh cut grass
·         Strawberry Banana Shakes from Steak’n’Shake
·         The teeny tiny cuteness of baby feet
·         Towels fresh out of the dryer, soft and fluffy
·         Christmas Morning
·         The Denver Bronco’s (Forever Blue and Orange)
·         Snow Capped Mountains
·         Pumpkin Patches
·         A good strong cup of coffee
·         A field of Sunflowers in full bloom on a summer morning
·         The sound of kids laughing
·         Falling asleep next to my husband
·         Justin Timberlake (either singing or acting)
·         Watching Pitch Perfect (can’t help it, it is joy to me)
·         A tall glass of Ice Tea with fresh lemon
·         Pear and Grapefruit flavored Jelly Belly’s
·         Watching Fireworks
·         Reading a good book in a comfy chair
·         Fresh squeezed Lemonade
·         Coffee date with Boobs (that’s my BFF!!)
·         Grape Jolly Ranchers
·         Soft cushy slippers
·         Hot bubble baths
·         Owls
·         Shoes of all kinds
·         Snuggling with my kids
·         Almond Joy candy bars
·         My Mom’s Carrot Cake
·         A warm oversized hoodie on a cool fall evening
·         UGGS
·         Tea Cup Pigs
·         Kittens
·         Camp Fires
·         Rainy Fall Days in my hometown
·         When the Aspens start to change
·         Strawberries
·         Going to a Colorado Rockies Baseball Game
·         A night out with my friends
·         Playing shuffle board
·         Hot Apple Cider and Cinnamon Whisky
·         Going to a concert (any music will do)
·         Disney World
·         Marathons of my favorite TV Shows
·         Homemade Guacamole
·         Anthony Bourdain
·         Vail Colorado in the Summer time
·         Family dinners
·         Effarins Chicken Chimichanga with salad
·         Fighter Jets (YES, REALLY)
·         Erie’s Homecoming Parade
·         Yarn (balls and balls of yarn)
·         A sweet potato with caramel sauce and marshmallows from Texas Road House
·         Taking pictures
·         A new purse or handbag
·         Library’s
·         A cozy corner in a book store
·         Taking my kids to a book store
·         Shopping with my daughters
·         Tulips and Daisy’s together
·         Dancing while cleaning the house
·         The way I feel after I get a mani/pedi
·         Watching the Olympics
·         The smell of fresh rain
·         Friday Night Football Games
·         Shopping, any kind of shopping
·         Craft Shows

It is amazing how much better I felt after writing this list… and I felt like I could keep listing things. 
You never realize the kind of things that make you happy, bring joy and positive energy to you, and until you sit down to make a list! 
All that negative I was feeling yesterday just melted away with each favorite thing I wrote down. 

It was such a great feeling to all but demolish all the negative I was chained to and find the positive energy I needed to have a better day!

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