Friday, January 9, 2015

Substance is Coming

I currently have 4 different pieces that I am writing... and yet I have nothing ready to post tonight... 
Go figure.  
Its okay thought, right?!?!
I mean, I am writing, I am working on putting together pieces with substance and girth and not just random ramblings from my mind to feed my desire to post to my blog on a daily bases.
I want substance.
I want to share cohesive thoughts.
I want to write pieces that people actually want to read.
I want to draw people to my blog.
I want to share real emotions.
I want to share real thoughts, real opinions.
It is not enough anymore for me to just write something every day... no I need to write real pieces every day.  
I need to actually write an "article" (because I don't know what else to call it) and not just put a bunch of words together and hope it makes enough sense for people to want to read it. 
I have far too many opinions, far too many stories and issues that stir emotion in me to not write things full of all that I have to offer.

So tonight is the last night I write some random ramblings... tomorrow I give you substance!

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