Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Hubby is currently lying in bed with an athletic cup on

This is an Athletic Cup and underwear
The Hubby is currently lying in bed with an athletic cup on... 

Yep, you read that right... Yes folks, this is my marriage!

I find it humorous really. 

The Hubby is taking up playing indoor soccer with a bunch of guys from work, something he has never done before and they have made him the goalie... so he feels he needs an athletic cup... Got to protect the manhood at all costs. I am laying here watching him slapping and knocking on his protective gear.  
I cannot help but giggle... all be it a little annoyed that he is finding a piece of plastic so entertaining... but there is joy in the fact that I am married to a man who has humor.
The Hubby's sense of humor is one of the sexiest things about him.  
His humor brings a level of youth to our marriage that is refreshing and fun and I love it.  
His humor, although very often totally inappropriate is the light in my day some times.  
He always seems to know just when I need to laugh and relax and well... comes to bed with an athletic cup on.
It is easy to love a man who makes me laugh every day, who knows just when a joke will make the world brighter and who can relax and enjoy himself even after a day of work and all the stresses of life.
It is this sense of humor, this joy that radiates from him in the form of jokes and goofy behavior that has made the last 15 years seem like a blip in time and makes me so thankful, so very grateful that he is my partner in this life.
I might be lying in bed next to a man who is absolutely enthralled with his athletic cup... but I am totally okay with that,  because I think he is the most charming and funny man alive.

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